Software Based on the Arrow’s Edge Blackjack Game

In 2014, a tiny software designer company known as Arrow’s Edge was established. The company specializes in developing gambling goods for use in online casinos, such as virtual slots and table games that are exclusive to the company.

In the three years that have passed since then, the firm has expanded in a methodical manner, signing partnerships with three boutique online gaming platforms that cater to the needs of the American market. These sites are very little competitors within the large online casino market, demonstrating that Arrow’s Edge is still in the process of building its reputation.

This article will present the most in-depth analysis of the Arrow’s Edge blackjack software that can be found elsewhere on the internet. We will start with an introduction to the firm and a list of casinos that are affiliated with Arrow’s Edge, and then we will proceed to an analysis of each and every blackjack variation that is offered via the program.

An Overview of the Company

Unfortunately, very little information is known regarding the history of Arrow’s Edge or who originally owned it.

On its website, the corporation only provides a toll-free telephone number as its principal means of contact information; an actual postal address is not provided.

In addition, searches conducted for trademarks and copyrights turned up no evidence of legitimate registration with the federal authorities.

At this moment, the only thing that we are aware of about Arrow’s Edge is the fact that the company’s software engine is now being used to power three different online casino platforms.

Online Casinos That Are Affiliated

The following list of online casinos use software provided by Arrow’s Edge:

Casino of the Drake
The Gossip Slots Casino, the GT Bets Casino, and the Gossip
In spite of the government prohibition imposed in 2006 by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), all of these companies have decided to continue doing business in the United States.

It’s not always a red flag if an online gambling site lets consumers from the United States play; there are hundreds of smaller sites that do this already. On the other hand, the fact that Arrow’s Edge provides services to online casino brands aimed at customers in the United States suggests that the company takes matters of legality rather lightly.

A Compilation of the Most Essential Blackjack Games

Many online casinos, like the three that have been mentioned above, choose to form partnerships with many software vendors all at once.

This provides the operator with the opportunity to acquire excellent slot games from a provider like as Real Time Gaming (RTG), while also adding a comprehensive table games menu provided by Playtech.

Betsoft Company is like a third wheel in the case of Arrow’s Edge’s three gambling establishments that work together as a partnership. Betsoft is a well-established European company that specializes in the construction of software for online gambling, and the range of games that they provide extends beyond only Arrow’s Edge.

We provide this preface for one straightforward reason: when you join up with any platform powered by Arrow’s Edge, you’ll have upwards of a dozen variations and offshoots of blackjack to choose from. But Arrow’s Edge is solely responsible for the design and hosting of a single one of those:

Blackjack with many hands.
The name of this game alludes to the fact that players have the opportunity to compete in three “spots” on the table, also known as three unique hands, throughout each round of the game. However, as we go down the page, we will discuss the guidelines in more detail.

Strangely enough, the name Multihand Blackjack is the one that appears on the website for Arrow’s Edge, the firm that makes the game. On the other hand, if you visit one of its client casinos to actually play the game, you will see that it is referred to as “New American Blackjack.” When you are scrolling through the menu options, you will see a gaming screen emblem that reads New American Blackjack in flowing cursive font; it is important that you keep this in mind.

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